Data services

Highly skilled services from forensics and data recovery to system and data reconstruction delivered by exceptional engineers and AIs. Cambridge Computer C2S can recover your data and if required reinstate it on your device. Most data recovery services will leave that to you. We can help supply new or legacy equipment if it is more than the storage that has failed. We will recover data from a MacBook that’s had a glass of wine or a 24 drive RAID that’s been populated with a batch of disks that came faulty from the the factory. We have recovered app data from an iPhone that was delivered to us in a bag of bits after being run over by a car and reinstated the app and the data to a new iPhone with no cloud backup! The anecdotes could go on but we’ll finish with a team job run overnight with Cambridge Computer C2S, Kroll Ontrack and an American software development team working to get the key card access control working for a large electronics manufacturer’s warehouse and laboratory in a county neighbouring Cambridgeshire. In short – we will do what it takes.
  • MacBooks
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Iphones
  • Android phones
  • Desktop Computers
  • Backup devices
  • NAS
  • USB flash drives
  • RAID of every variety
  • Camera memory cards
  • Filesystems of any type
  • Legacy storage includin
  • 8″ floppy disks, CDs and DVDs and tapes
  • Iomega drives and disks
We could go on…


Forensic services are even more specialist. As long as legal requirements are met we can deploy spyware and device tracking to identify industrial espionage. Even when attempts have been made to destroy data we can often recover it including, with the help of a partner, cell site records which can prove the location of a phone historically. Cambridge Computer can draft reports for the relevant information for submission to courts or tribunals.

System Recovery

There are times when not all the data exists. The worst is when it doesn’t exist at all because no-one can help you then. However we have a track record for rebuilding systems like Windows run machine controllers in factories or closer to home, photoshopping honeymoon pictures stored on a damaged memory card. Even with a partial picture our artists can extrapolate. We can’t promise you a new bride or groom but we can knock up a respectable sunset or even send a photographer to retake missing bits – like the church!